Friday, June 10, 2011

Question #2

Thanks for the feedback... Here's the 2nd question that was posed to our chapter advisors:
What Are Our Areas For Improvement?

Looking forward to hearing your responses.  Hope summer is bring each of you some rest!


  1. Not doing anything when we see problems with our members.

  2. Holding people accountable and holding the entire community to higher standards. We also need to be more supportive to other chapters that are going through a rough patch because when it happens to our own chapters, you will want that support. We cannot continue to be a community that supports each other only through the good times, we have to help one another through the bad times as well.

  3. Finding that balance between holding an individual accountable and a chapter accountable for members' actions. On a slightly different note, we can work on improving the relationships between our members within our own chapters. I think by strengthening these relationships, it will be easier to hold each other to the higher standards we promised when we pledged!

  4. I agree with all the comments above. We need to work on accountability across the board both within our organizations and in a community-wide sense. I've also heard that many members of the greek community do not have a very good idea of the resources PHC and IFC offer. Uniting everyone under the organizations that we already have in place can be a great way to bring everyone together to get on the same page. We should really work on promoting involvement and attendance at PHC and IFC meetings.