Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hunger is NOT an Emotion

One of the on-going jokes in the Student Leadership and Involvement Center is the following dialogue:
Question: "How are you are feeling today?"
Answer: "Umm, hungry."
Response: "Yeah, hunger is not an emotion." 

I seem to encounter this more than others, so I received the Paper Plate Award pictured here for Spring 2011.

If you are in a one-on-one, direct advising relationship with a staff person in the SLIC, you (most likely) encounter some form of "check-in" during your weekly advising meeting.  There is no secret formula or voodoo magic that we work here on the 3rd floor of the Student Life Pavilion.  But, it is always good to know and understand how things work.  Here is a simple guide to Advising Meetings in the SLIC.

  • Your advising meeting will generally follow a pattern...  Each Advisor has their own.  Mine goes as follows: Personal (how are you {Hungry is not the answer}, how are classes, how is the significant other, etc.); Interpersonal (how is Panhellenic Exec., your chapter, your roommate conflict, etc.); Task (what is on our to-do list, what was accomplished this past week, what needs follow-up).  That's it... Advising by the P-I-T model.
Here are a few tips to make your Advising Adventure a smashing success:
  • Come physically prepared.  Yeah, I said it...  Bring a pen and something to write on.  Nothing communicates disinterest more than watching you stare at me while we talk about your leadership position. And, no, your iPhone doesn't count.
  • Come mentally prepared.  Have an agenda in mind, or written down.  Things you need insight/advice about or new ideas you have for making your position and Community better.
  • Think about your position during the week.  There is at least one student each semester that comes into my office super excited about their position, makes a bunch of plans during that meeting and then doesn't have anything done until we meet again.
  • Check email regularly.  Your advisor will love it if you respond to their questions.
  • Keep good social boundaries.  The SLIC is not a museum.  We encourage fun and merriment, but not everyone is comfortable with your bare feet touching everything.
  • The 2 "L" rules:  (1) Don't Lie and (2) Don't Be Late.  Just for the record - lying includes not telling the full story.  And, be on time...  It's one of the ways you show others that you respect them.
  • Be honest about your expectations and boundaries.  If you have a lot going on and can only work on your position 2 days a week during specific times, tell your advisor.  If you only communicate via text, let others know.
  • I know you like Mission Beach and I know you may even choose to drink alcohol, but please do not come into the office smelling like the alley next to the Pennant.  If you're hungover or haven't washed off the smell of the evening before you may be better off rescheduling your meeting.

Fall is soon approaching...  If you want to get on the Advising List for any of our SLIC Staff, you can experience this all first hand!

Advisees (past and present): Things I missed?

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