Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Route to Success

What do you notice about the image below?
The arrow ends in the same place. No wonder I am so tired. The ground travelled in the image in the right is significant.  It is filled with deviations from the intended course, but also forward movement.  Well, mostly forward movement.  As you look closer, you can see that sometimes the line doubles back upon itself. In both of the images, we see LEADERSHIP.

My most obvious example of the image above is parenting my two daughters. The route to that "success" is twisted and complex. One of my greatest desires is to complete the task well, finding success. Isn't that sentiment the same in student leadership positions? At the start of each semester, I ask fraternity and sorority presidents, "What do you want people to say about you when you finish?" The answers vary, but have a common theme around trying our best and being successful in moving the organization forward. Is there also a desire to enjoy the twisted and complex route to get there?

This week I was reading a chapter on change in preparation for teaching my Emerging Leaders class. I was reminded of a few simple truths. In considering the route to success, one consistent is the fact that change in occurring. (Leadership for a Better World, S. Komives, et al)
1. "Organic change involves recognizing that individuals and organizations are a part of an interconnected system." (p 128)
2. "Developing an appreciation of resistance is critical to making change." (p 131)
3. "Individuals and groups must also develop... comfort with ambiguity, confidence that change can happen..." (p 136)

Today, our new Interfraternity Council Executive Board Officers are being sworn in. It is my earnest hope that they take on this next year with the drive to accomplish their goals, but to also enjoy the journey. As they are sworn in, they will repeat the USD IFC Creed. As I consider the facets of this Creed, I am filled with a sense of appreciation. I am appreciative that fulfilling these promises will be a twisted and complex road, but one with a lot of learning along the way.

University of San Diego Interfraternity Council Creed
We, the undergraduate fraternity leaders of the University of San Diego,
Believe in the pursuit of education and the inspiration of maturity.
We, the InterFraternity Council, promise to serve as an international shrine of
One that has passion for the welfare of traditions, principles and ideals,
One that is not passively virtuous, but stands aggressively for honesty, opposing
all lawlessness and vice, and
One that is generous with the faults of our brothers, as we wish them to be with ours.
We strive to provide the tangible and intangible aids necessary to encourage academic
achievement and the practice of academic integrity.
We believe in an exemplary standard for collegiate fraternal societies,
One that respects the dignity of all persons,
And one that is conducive to the formation of gentleman.


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