Saturday, May 26, 2012

End of the Year: Joy & Sadness

If you are a weekly follower, you have noticed that I have been out of pocket this month... What can I say - life got busy and, to be honest, a little overwhelming. The Assistant Director in our office left his position with less notice than anticipated, I made my annual trek out to Indiana to work with the Community at Purdue, we completed a national hiring process, wrapped up the end of the year, graded finals & entered grades for 5 course sections - this list goes on! I will resume weekly (Thursday) publishing in July - with periodic updates between now and then.

Today, as I attended the Student Affairs Award Brunch, I was reminded that I have the privilege to sit in the midst of greatness fairly often. Today, as we celebrated a select few, I was struck by how much these young men and women have accomplished. How much they have given to the University of San Diego. How much my year would have been different without knowing them and working with them. As was shared this morning, Commencement is the beginning. There are many of you that I did not see today that have been a joy to me this past year. I am honored to have known and worked with those that are receiving their degrees from the University of San Diego this weekend. I will miss you, and I cannot wait to see what this new beginning brings for you!

With Love,

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