Thursday, July 19, 2012


Family Camp Fun, 2011
Do you ever have those moments in your life where you just wonder... How did all of this come together? This week, I am on vacation. Since I knew I was going to be away, I wrote my blog post last week. I arrived up at Family Camp with the "Womack, Party of 4" crew. On the first night, as we were leaving the evening session, this young woman comes up to me. She says, "Hi, Mandy. I know you're not working right now, but I wanted to introduce myself." I, of course, was a bit confused... She then shared that she is a student at USD and just finished her first semester as a sorority woman. What are the chances... Same week, same camp... Coincidence? Or, something bigger. In the strangest turn of events, she is a young woman whose Aunt is a colleague of my husbands... She was on my list of students to contact once classes begin in the Fall.

We have chatted a bit since that first night. Each time we see each other, she has a giant smile. I am so glad to have a new "friend". Coincidence? Or, something bigger?

This has me thinking... How often do we write off coincidence instead of taking advantage of the circumstances? For me, there is a component of faith here, too. Do things just 'happen' or is there a larger plan in place? (But, that is a different post for a different day...) In our organizations and your friendships, there are continually moments of coincidence. How many times do we discover something that is new and fresh to us, but has always been there? When it happens, do you take advantage of the opportunity? Or, do you just smile and move on.

We have hit the mid-point of summer. Some of you haven’t left San Diego/USD, some of you are across the globe. Challenge yourself this week to take advantage of the coincidences in your life. You may just find, that the moment that seemed haphazard could change your life.


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