Thursday, August 25, 2011

Being Better - An Open Letter to My Community

Dear Friends and Community Members,

Next week we open school and officially welcome all of you back to USD.  I have started seeing some of you around this past week as you prepare for your role as a Resident Assistant, in Associated Students, as a Preceptorial Assistant, SSS member, Torero Squad leader, etc.  Those of you that are here at serving, you  know the message that I am sending.  Give of yourself to make the community stronger.  In short, "Be Better".

During the first two weeks of classes we have two Greek Discipline Board hearings that impact five different chapters.  Don't let this reality take you off of the course of serving your community.  Allow the past errors of our members to motivate us to Be Better.

I believe in you.  I believe in the fraternal experience.  I believe that, when done right, being a member of a Greek letter organization will make you a better man or woman.  I believe that perfect success rarely exists, but it is something we hope for.  I believe that making a choice to act in a way that affirms that hope is what it means to Be Better.  I don't need us to be without flaw or error, but I want us to Be Better.

As we begin this next semester, I invite you to email, call or make an appointment to see me.  My door is always open to you.  As a member of the community, my role is to help and serve you.

Best wishes for a great Fall!
Director of Student Organizations and Greek Life
Student Life Pavilion, Room 301

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