Saturday, November 12, 2011

On The Road

If you are in my direct advising world, you have probably heard me explain one of my (many) life philosophies. It goes something like this... We are all on a journey. As we travel down the road, we recognize that each of us are in different places. Our goal is to be (1) moving and (2) doing so in the same direction.  That, Friends, is what we call progress.

Each of us sees our world in different ways.  As the primary advisor to the community, I have little doubt that my world view does not always match yours. But, are we on the road together? Are we, together, moving? Is it in the same direction? More significantly, is it in the right direction?

On Thursday, November 17th, at 1pm we will be hosting our Fall Town Hall meeting in UC Forum C. I invite you to attend. And, to engage in the assessment of where you, individually and as a chapter, are on the road.


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