Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Plan?

On December 31st, @USDGreekLife posed this question on Twitter:
What are you going to do better in 2012? Use #usdresolutions to join the conversation.

The beginning of the new year gives all of us a chance to stop and think about what we might accomplish in the next year. It affords a moment to pause and ask, "Will this be the year that..." Several years ago, I was sitting with a friend asking her if she was going to pursue a leadership opportunity that had opened up and her reply to me was, "No, this year I am going to focus on finding someone to love." Wow. My goals had always tended to be things like - eat healthier, spend more time at the beach. Low level things. Our conversation inspired me to think about how I live my life and how I choose to dedicate my energy. When I really examine where I am and who I am - is that really who and where I want to be? If not, how can I change that?

As 2012 began, here was my consideration (via Twitter, so excuse the brevity):
Taking some time to consider the places I am leading with fear. 
2012 - no room to be afraid!
As fraternity men and sorority women, we have great opportunity. Where are we not taking full advantage of that because we are afraid? As peers, your fears may be different than mine. But, I would bet that some are the same. 
  • What if I wasn't held back by doubt and uncertainty? 
  • What if the stress of conflict didn't stop me from leading those around me to a better place?
  • What if truly being honest with student leaders costs me those relationships?

Several weeks ago, this video series was shared with me. This is a minute long clip of what one man learned during a series of travels. I hope it inspires you to think about how much more you could be. Will this be the year that you...

So, Team - the question remains:
What are you going to do better in 2012? Use #usdresolutions to join the conversation.

Happy New Year!

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