Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sorority Member Class - Leadership Elective

Every once in a while a great idea presents itself... If you are truly fortunate, it presents itself while you are in conversation with a trusted friend and partner. Last October, I was meeting with a recent alumna and we were talking about the sorority experience. All of the usual questions that can make my life turn from a sit-com to a drama were present: How can the experience for women in sororities be even better? How do leaders really find out what really matters to them? Can we do more to help women know themselves and their chapters better?

At USD, we believe in the learning and experiences students have outside of the classroom. I believe that the experiences of fraternity and sorority membership, when done correctly, can be the most developmental experience we offer students. We want you to know yourself, those around you and to find success in your interpersonal world. This is the core of our programs, meetings, speakers, advising. I work each and every day to create experiences that build better men and women for life after USD. I want you to have a meaningful life launched by an experience at USD that is fun, educational and empowering.

If you consider that leadership is not limited to just a position you hold in an organization, it makes perfect sense that an academic course for sorority women would be offered. This Spring, USD is offering a 1 unit upper-division leadership elective course for women that are sorority members. LEAD 387P (section 4/CRN 4178) will be meeting each Friday for an hour to talk about the sorority experience at USD, leadership and all the dynamics that connect the two. Melissa Lucas, 2011 alumna, and I will be team teaching this course. We hope you will join us to learn something about yourself!

To register for this course, please complete this online form to have the hold for adding the course released.

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