Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Don't Care by: Katie Schoblaske '12

“I don’t care.”

Being able to discern between what’s important and what’s trivial is a skill that will save your sanity and your schedule.

We all get to the point of exhaustion. With the sheer load of stressors we put on ourselves, it is bound to happen sooner than later. Whether it is a pop quiz, a forgotten meeting, or a deleted email, it only takes a grain of rice to tip the scale and reach a breaking point. For me, it was a math problem that made me break into tears. Was it solely the frustrating fractions that caused this to happen? Doubtful.

This is when I had to take to heart what the graph shows, and realize the stressors in my life, and all of our lives as college students, are acting as a parasite on our ability to function. Deciding what is trivial and what is important in our lives is never an easy task. However, this thought provoking decision can result in the removal of the excess baggage and allow commitment to aspects of our lives we truly love. Sometimes, it is necessary to tell yourself you don’t care about a few trivial things in order to understand how much you really care about everything else.

Real life lessons. 

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