Friday, February 22, 2013

Perspective & UGA

Last week 47 students and 3 advisors packed up and headed to Ramona, CA for the 2013 Ultimate Greek Adventure. Fraternity and sorority leaders gathered and talked about The Radical Leap. As we sat in the meeting room and considered the tenants of LEAP, I was reminded of this very important truth... Perspective is everything.
In his book The Radical Leap, Farber talks about Inspiring Audacity. In the midst of that he outlines what he calls the "OS!M" aka the Oh S*#t! Moment. I have heard it described as that pain in your gut. That churning of your stomach. That moment when you know that you are at the edge of doing something truly outstanding. It scares you, it excites you, it overwhelms you, it affirms you. Those are the best/worst moments of my life.

At UGA there was much debate dialogue about different issues in the fraternity/sorority community. The discussion was important to have and I think some students felt heard in a way that they hadn't before. I remember having similar conversations as an undergraduate. Hours and hours of trying to figure out how to change a culture, how to build experiences for our members that challenged them to be better men and women, how to work with/around the "administration". As I sat with a student this week and asked how they liked the UGA experience, they shared their OS!M. Much like my experience so many years ago, theirs was the same. The student shared, "My 'Moment' was realizing that maybe the intention of some of our changes is to protect us and keep us safe." As I asked what came next, it was clear that the stomach muscles were tightened as the reply came, "I need to help explain that to others."

The Ultimate Greek Adventure... Inspiring conversations and OS!M's for 9 years. Get ready to LEAP!
UGA 2013


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