Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finding Silly In The Serious

One of my favorite television shows in syndication is Seinfeld. I am fully aware that I have now lost 90% of my primary audience's interest since this show originally aired sometime between your conception and the 2nd grade. Hang with me a minute, it will become relevant.

Seinfeld (and cast) were masters at noticing the every day moments in life that are funny. Things that all of us say, do, think that are at best silly and at most downright ridiculous. I suppose my draw to the show is my ability to find the silly in the serious.
I am drawn to laughter. It is essential for my soul to feel complete. And, by laughter I don't mean that smirky smile you sometimes produce. I mean the a little too loud, take your breath away moment. When nothing else matters but the silliness in front of you. In order for me to truly laugh, I have to take some risk. Perhaps others will look at me, judge me. Perhaps they can't find silly in the serious.

One of my new personal projects is spending intentional time considering "What if..." Like you, I am sometimes overwhelmed with the tasks that sit before me. The seriousness of walking through life with one another, the seriousness of people making destructive decisions, the seriousness of personal injury and pain. To combat that feeling of being overwhelmed, I think about "what if..." What if we were a fraternity and sorority community that focused on two things: Connection and Common Purpose? What if the main thing we worried about was each other? I think that if the focus of our fraternity and sorority community became connection, a lot of our other concerns would melt away. If our members felt secure, deeply secure, in their relationships and their organization's purpose we wouldn't need to worry about all the things that keep me awake at night.

Think about it some. Don't be afraid to be silly. Find the joy in the seriousness of all the stress you carry as a student leader. Consider, truly consider, "What if..." And, then, let me know what you come up with!

Happy Passover and Happy Easter to you all!

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